Bin There Dump That of Central Virginia

Bin There Dump That of Central Virginia

Bin There Dump That of Central Virginia recently opened for business and is providing a unique roll off dumpster rental service for contractors and homeowners in Southwest and Central Virginia, including the Roanoke, new River Valley, Smith Mountain Lake and Lynchburg regions.  The company is headquartered in the Roanoke Industrial Center in southeast Roanoke.

Bin There Dump That of Central VA is locally owned franchise of Bin there Dump That USA, North America’s leading provider of residential friendly dumpster rental services.  since beginning franchising operations in 2004, bin there Dump That has grown exponentially, now serving over 110 territories across the United States and Canada.

What makes Bin There Dump That of Central Virginia unique is their “residential friendly” approach to renting a dumpster.  This approach focuses on delivering a waste management solution designed to meet the needs of homeowners and contractors undertaking residential remodeling, home improvement, clean out and restoration projects.  The firm provides a high level of customer services, from friendly “Dumpsters Consultants” who personally take customer’s calls and provide guidance as to what solutions is best for the project to convenient, reliable, prompt and professional dumpsters drop off and pick up performed by trained “dumpsters Delivery Experts”. They offer 100% driveway protection (the dumpsters are placed on boards, never coming in contact with the homeowner’s driveway), same day/next day delivery service, smaller trucks and a range of 4-20 yard compact dumpsters (about the size of a mini-van) that can fit into tight spaces.  The dumpsters feature walk-in double doors, eliminating the need to toss heavy objects over the side and making loading easy.  They even sweep up when the leave!  This exceptional service is provided for one very affordable “All In” price, making dumpster rental simple, friendly and convenient.

Local owners Scott Martin and Dave Weisman have lived in the Roanoke area for nearly 20 years and are proud to call it home.  They are excited about the opportunity to provide their services to homeowners, contractors, restoration service providers and realtors throughout Southwest and Central Virginia.

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