Association Investment Opportunities

To download the 2018 Investment Guide, click here. To participate in any sponsorship, contact

Your 2018 Menu of Possibilities

We are pleased to present the 2018 Investor and Sponsorship Guide. Before I go any further, I must thank our 2017 sponsors and partners. For some of you, 2017 was the first time you became a sponsor, but for many of you, 2017 was just another year in your long history of supporting the Association. Our hope is that for all of you, your participation paid off. Whether you are looking for a single sponsorship opportunity or multiple opportunities, all investments are on a first-come first served basis. Take some time to review the Guide so you can decide where you will get the most value for your investment. Need help? Just reach out. We are here to serve and help you figure out how to maximize your investment.

Nancy Kelderhouse, RRHBA Executive Officer